25th Annual NWTFSC State Chapter Rendezvous

The 25th Annual NWTFSC State Chapter Rendezvous will once again be held at Hickory Knob State Park on January 22-24, 2016. Events will include: banquet, JAKES event, Ladies Luncheon, Oyster Roast, State Still Target Championships, clay target shooting, and Awards dinner/dance. Registrations will only be accepted online via the link posted below. Also attached are the agenda of events and a registration form for information only. No hard copy or email registrations can be accepted.



2016 NWTFSC State Chapter Rendezvous

2016 NWTFSC State Chapter Rendezvous 2016 NWTFSC Rendezvous Registration Form

Credit Card Scam- Booking Rooms for National Convention

Hello all,

We had some volunteers try to reserve rooms at the Opryland Hotel today and they called a bad number that stole their credit card information.


If anyone asks you about how to book a room please direct them to our website www.nwtf.org/convention or our magazine. The volunteer who fell victim appears to have Googled the phone number. Shot Show has had similar issues recently.


The correct number is 877-491-7397.

4th Annual WITO Guns & Pearls Sporting Clay Tournament

4th Annual WITO Guns Pearls Sporting Clay Tournament Flyer

Dutch Fork Chapter Banquet Rescheduled to 11/5/15

Due to the flooding in South Carolina and it’s impact on many NWTF supporters, the Dutch Fork Chapter banquet scheduled for 10/8/15 has been rescheduled to 11/5/15. All other details, such as time, location, etc. remain the same.

NWTFSC Palmetto Championship Calling Contest

NWTFSC Palmetto Championship Calling Contest Details

Saturday, August 1st, 2015 at Pee Dee Deer Classic at Florence Civic Center in Florence, SC

Pre-registration is advised – Pre-registration deadline is July 25, 2015. Mail to: Allen Powell, 201 Manley Dr. Clemson, SC 29631.Registration will begin at 8:30AM on August 1, 2015 and close at 9:30AM for all contests. Callers Meeting will be held at 9:45. Contests will begin at 10:00 AM. Be sure to bring your NWTF membership card or number as all divisions are open only to NWTF members. Memberships will be available at the door.


1. Junior Open (12 and under)
Entry Fee: $10.00
2. Intermediate Open (13-16)
 Entry Fee: $25.00
3. Palmetto State SC Resident
Open to NWTF SC resident members ONLY
Entry Fee: $50.00
4. Palmetto Open
Entry Fee: $50.00
5. Friction Open
Entry Fee: $50.00
6. Owl Hooting Open
Entry Fee: $25.00
1st Place only
7. Gobbling Open
Entry Fee: $25.00
1st Place only

Divisions 1-5 will be awarded trophies and prize money for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.
Award payback:   30% for 1st
                          20% for 2nd
                          10% for 3rd
For more details contact:
Allen Powell
201 Manley Dr.
Clemson, SC  29631
(828) 808-4280

NWTFSC 2014 SC DNR Officer of the Year

LCPL Brian M. Welch

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

2014 Officer of the Year


The Region 1 Officer of the Year is Lance Corporal Brian Welch from Unit 1A Pickens County. Brian graduated Magna Cum Laude from Clemson University in 3 ½ years with a major in Environmental and Natural Resources and a minor in Biological Science. He also graduated first in his class from the SC Criminal Justice Academy receiving the J.P.Strom Award. Brian has been employed for seven years. He has been Officer of the Year for his region four of those years, and Officer of the Year for the State two times.

Brian recently transferred to Pickens County from Laurens County. During his first year in Pickens County, Brian used his skills, knowledge, and motivation to make and assist with apprehending four subjects for night deer hunting and taking deer out of season. This was the largest number of cases that were made at one time for night deer hunting in Pickens County. This case started in the beginning of January 2014, when officers in Pickens County began receiving calls in reference to multiple deer being found shot in fields throughout the county. The officers were able to narrow down the time of these shootings to a Monday night/Tuesday morning. The officers received a tip on who the suspect was and a description of his truck. On Tuesday, January 21, 2014 at 1:00 AM, Brian and other officers apprehended three subjects that were actively shining a field and shooting deer. Through the course of a lengthy investigation, officers were able to determine that these subjects had been regularly shooting deer at night since September of 2013. This stop resulted in a total of 15 cases made for night deer hunting and 9 cases made for taking deer out of season.

Brian is ready and eager for any and all seasons; which can be proven by a variety of cases. He has made contacts in every category. He is the leading officer in his Region with 333 cases, 792 warnings and 88 assists, which makes his total contacts 1125 for the year. Of 333 cases, only 1 is for a non-DNR related case. His cases have included, but are not limited to: 63 Major Violations of which 7 turkey violations, (3-Hunting over bait, 2-Hunting turkeys out of season, 1-Hunting turkeys with illegal weapon, 1-no tags), 15 night deer hunting violations, 21 closed season, 2 trapping violations, 4 WMA Abuse violations, 4 over the limit/under sized game fish, 3 set hooks/nets, 2 BUI’s and many others. He has recorded 472 night patrol hours. He has inspected 671 boats, logged 64 hours assisting other agencies and checked 585 hunters and 1523 fishermen. He is a member of the DNR’s prestigious Honor Guard. I don’t know what else he could do!

Honor, loyalty, fairness, integrity, discretion and character are not just “buzz words” when it comes to this officer but truly reflect the type of individual he is. Brian is a humble individual who does not boast about the extraordinary cases he has made. Brian leads by example, and he has a tremendous work ethic, which is very contagious. His character and demeanor make others want to better themselves. Brian Welch is a true asset to his unit, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and the State of South Carolina. It is an honor and privilege to nominate Lance Corporal Brian Welch for the NWTF’s Law Enforcement Officer of the Year.

2015 National Convention

Congratulations to 2014 top national achievers….

  • The NWTFSC Chapter was recognized at the 2015 NWTF National Convention as the #1 chapter with memberships between 5000 and 9999 with the L.A. Dixon Jr. Memorial Award, for the 5th year running.
  • Mr. Don and Mrs. Carolyn Going were recognized at the 2015 NWTF National Convention with the Roger M. Latham Sportsman Wild Turkey Service Award.