Dear NWTFSC Member/Volunteer,

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to conservation and management of the wild turkey in South Carolina. We are contacting you to ask for your help on an important project.

Since 1982, SCDNR has conducted an annual Summer Turkey Survey to ​g​a​u​ge reproduction of wild turkeys in South Carolina.​ Recently you should have received information in the mail from SCDNR requesting your participation.

The survey requires no effort on your part other than recording turkeys that you see during your normal activities during July and August. If you would like to participate and didn’t receive the information via mail, please follow this link: ​

This survey is very important and when combined with harvest data, it allows SCDNR to make scientific recommendations to the SC General Assembly to better manage the wild turkey population for the future.

Only through ongoing monitoring and research ​can SCDNR better manage our turkeys and NWTF assist with their efforts.

Again, thank you for your time and your support to help us Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt.