South Carolina State Chapter of the NWTF

South Carolina is a participant in the Five Star program within the National organization. We have dedicated the efforts of this chapter to give something back to our members and our communities, involve families in wildlife conservation, protection of our right to hunt, develop a stronger relationship between the state and local chapters, create a positive image for the organization, and build a better future. By adopting these goals, the South Carolina Chapter of the NWTF acknowledges the importance of our volunteers and local chapters. This action signifies our commitment and passion to provide a future where wildlife resources are abundant and there are ample opportunities for everyone to hunt and enjoy the outdoors.

We are very proud of the work which has been completed and for the ongoing support and dedication of volunteers and partners across the state. The work did not stop with the turkey restoration project; habitat work and education continue to be high on the priority list. We need your help more than ever to ensure our children and grandchildren have an opportunity to hunt this magnificent bird in South Carolina and across our great Country.

Mission Statement

The South Carolina Chapter of the NWTF shares our National organization’s mission statement: Dedication to the Conservation of the Wild Turkey and the Preservation of the Hunting Tradition.

About the NTWF

The National Wild Turkey Federation is a national nonprofit conservation and hunting organization that, along with its volunteers, partners and sponsors, has worked for the conservation of the wild turkey and preservation of our hunting heritage. When the NWTF was established in 1973, there were only 1.3 million wild turkeys. Today that number stands at more than seven million birds throughout North America, and hunting seasons have been established in 49 U.S. states, Canada and Mexico.

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