SC Superfund Guidelines

In an effort to better utilize the funds raised through the NWTFSC Super Fund Program and help reach state Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. initiative goals, the NWTFSC State Board has recently adopted a request for proposal process. If your organization or agency has a project that impacts wild turkey management (including but not limited to research, land protection or habitat management like timber thinning and prescribed fire), please consider partnering with the NWTF.
The deadline for project proposals is August 1, 2016. See the attached project proposal form, NWTF local chapter support form, the ranking sheet that will be used to rank applications and the Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. focal landscape map. Because of limited available funds, a ranking system has been developed. To increase the likelihood of your proposal being selected, it will be important that you prioritize your proposals based on the items listed on the ranking form. Habitat projects are also more likely to be funded it they are located in the Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. initiative focal landscapes. The ranking form and focal landscape map have been provided as a guide for your proposal. You do not need to fill out the ranking form. It will be filled out by the NWTFSC Super Fund Committee upon project review. To further strengthen your proposal we encourage you to involve your local NWTF chapter and have them sign the local chapter support form. To locate your local chapter visit: or
The NWTFSC State Chapter Super Fund Committee will meet in September to rank the proposals and provide recommendations to the full state board for approvals. Partners will be notified whether or not their proposal was approved and approved projects will be funded by the requested date. A final report, with support materials (e.g., pictures, etc.), detailing the outcomes and impacts of the funded projects will be required within one month upon project completion. If you had a project funded during the past year and have not reported results, please submit a report along with your proposal. Failure to do so, will negatively impact the ranking and potential funding of future proposals.
Proposals that include items such as equipment, fertilizer, seed, etc., must include two written bids. However, the NWTFSC State Chapter reserves the right to purchase item(s) requested for approved projects from local sources. The item(s) will then be delivered to the requesting partner. If a proposal is submitted at a region-wide scope, all areas contained within the region must be listed individually with associated requested item(s) (i.e., by WMA or management unit). Soil test documentation obtained in the past 3 years will be required for any lime, fertilizer or seed requests. Photographs, sketches, and/or detailed descriptions of proposed projects must be submitted. Additional background information and potential impacts of the proposed project will strengthen the proposal.
Please contact me if you have any questions. We welcome any comments or suggestions on how to improve this program for you and we look forward to working with you as we conserve and enhance South Carolina’s natural resources.
Return all Super Fund project proposals and support materials in electronic format by August 1, 2016 to:
Lynn Lewis-Weis
Cell (803) 480-1840


SC_superfund form
NWTF Super Fund Project Support Form
SC_SF Ranking Sheet blank